A Patent is an invention which may be a solution of technological problem or is a product or process. An exclusive rights to the inventors is grated by sovereign states for such useful invention.

♦ Who can apply for a patent in Bangladesh?

In accordance with section 3 of Patent & Design Act, 1911 the application can be made by any of the following persons, either alone or jointly with any other person, whether he is a citizen of Bangladesh or not:

1. The true and first inventor of the invention;
2. The assignee of a person claiming to be the true and first inventor;
3. The legal representative of any deceased person who immediately before his/her death was entitled to make such an application.

The Department of Patent, Design & Trademarks, Dhaka, Bangladesh follows the Patents and Designs Act, 1911 for registration procedure and protection of Patents.


We provide all services relevant to Patent rights in Bangladesh including:

  1. Patent Filing to Registration
  2. Replying to Office action and other notices
  3. Attending on Hearings
  4. Patent Renewals.


To file a Patent Application the followings are needed:

    1. ♦ Name of the inventor (applicant),
    2. Address(s) and nationality of the inventors,
    3. Two sets of specification and one set of drawing on tracing paper (transparent),
    4. One set Legalized Deed of Assignment (if any),
    5. Power of Attorney [Form – 31],
    6.  Certified copy of the foreign patent (in case of claiming priority),

Application: An application for a patent may be made by any person alone or jointly with any other person. The application must be made in the prescribed form and must be filed at the Patent Office in the prescribed manner. The application must contain a declaration to the effect that the applicant is in possession of an invention, whereof he, or in the case of a joint application one at least of the applicants, claims to be the true and first inventor or the legal representative or assign of such inventor and for which he desires to obtain a patent, and must be accompanied by complete specification.

Specifications: A complete specification must particularly describe and ascertain the nature of the invention and the manner in which the same is to be performed. The specification must commence with the title, and in the case of a complete specification must end with a distinct statement of the invention claimed. The drawings can be supplied at any time before the acceptance of the application, but we suggest filing drawings at the time of application printed on tracing papers.

Priority: In case of claiming priority the applicant must supply the certified copy of the foreign patent upon which the inventor is claiming priority.

Advertisement on acceptance of application: On the acceptance of an application the Registrar shall give notice thereof to the applicant and shall advertise the acceptance and with the drawings (if any) shall be open to public inspection.

Opposition: Any person may, at any time within 4 (four) months from the date of the advertisement of the acceptance of an application, give notice at the Patent Office of his/her opposition to the grant of the patent. The opponent must state the grounds of his/her opposition.

Grant and sealing of Patent: If there is no opposition a patent shall be granted, subject to such conditions as the authority thinks expedient, to the applicant, or in the case of a joint application to the applicants jointly, and the Registrar shall cause the Patent to be sealed with the seal of the Patent Office.


The term limited in every patent for the duration thereof is 16 (sixteen) years from its filing date or priority date and after 4 (four) years, renewal (Annuity) is required every year up to 15 (fifteen) years. In case of priority, the commencement of 4 (four) years shall start from the date of priority application.

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